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Blagoevgrad is located in South - West Bulgaria and is an administrative, cultural and transport capital of the Pirin region. The town is situated at the foot of the south-western slopes of Rila Mountain, on the river banks of Blagoevgradska Bistritsa River, 101 km south of Sofia. It was built in the first year of the Ottoman domination at the place of an ancient Thracian settlement.
Blagoevgrad is also a university centre with two famous universities - American University and Neofit Rilski Southwestern University. The town is known for its beautiful and functional town centre, all laid out in marble. What astonishes most about Blagoevgrad is that the town is extremely clean, people are hospitable and friendly. 

Quick Facts About Town Of Blagoevgrad

In Bulgarian Alphabets: БЛАГОЕВГРАД
Location: South - West Bulgaria 

Distance to capital city: 76.169 km from Sofia

Latitude: 42.017N
Longitude: 23.1E
Altitude: 300 - 499m above sea level
Province: Blagoevgrad District
Municipality: Blagoevgrad Municipality
Area size of Town of Blagoevgrad: 28.909km2
Population of Town of Blagoevgrad: 80000 inhabitants 01/01/2010
Post code (ZIP) of Town of Blagoevgrad: 2700
Phone code of Town of Blagoevgrad: 073 from Bulgaria, 0035973 from outside

 More Information

The region around Blagoevgrad has abundant natural resources. The Blagoevgrad area is part of the region, known as "Pirin" which is characterized by its unique geographic location, physical beauty of the surrounding mountains, and rich flora and fauna. Three majestic mountain ranges grace the plain - the Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes. Picturesque lakes and roaring rivers provide the region with pure, fresh spring water. The Blagoevgrad municipality has an ample supply of pure mineral water, river systems and lush mountain forests. The landscape is varied and beautiful. The physical characteristics combine to make Blagoevgrad the largest and most important town in south-western Bulgaria. It is an important cultural, administrative, and industrial center for the entire south-western part of the country.


The climate is transitional continental with a strong Mediterranean influence, due to air masses that enter from the south valley of the river Struma. The city is protected from cold northerly winds due to the natural barrier of the high hills of Rila massif and the village of Belo Pole. Mountain breeze descends from Rila along the river Bistritsa  bringing cool air during hot summer days. Wind is moderate - 1.6 meters per second. Thanks to the many mountain forests around the town and the lack of industrial pollution, the air is clean in Blagoevgrad. Winter is mild, brief and marked by little to no snowfall. The average temperature in January is 0,6 ° C. Summers are long and dry, with a small amount of rainfall. The average July temperature is 23,4 ° C and the maximum temperature measured in Blagoevgrad is 39,9 ° C. The average annual temperature is approximately 12,6 ° C.

A lot a sun all over the year!



Because of the large number of students (partly due to the American University in the city), its cross-road location, nature and number of social factors, the city has relatively well developed economy. Found many clothing stores, caffes and restaurants. Large numbers of unskilled labour is employed in construction companies and clothing shops.




The town is very attractive to investors, both foreign and native, coincidence Blagoevgrad is the third largest by number of building permits. Blagoevgrad has a real opportunity to grow towards neighborhoods "Elenovo and Strumsko and most likely will" swallow up in nearby villages as soon as possible. A few years ago was made a major overhaul of the city park and also a new bridge was built.

Currently the city has 5 hypermarkets - Metro, Technopolis, Technomarket, Mr. Bricolage and Kaufland.  


Sport is well developed in general, but the city traditionally strong sports such as handball and basketball are in financial crisis and without representative teams in the league last year, only supported children and youth ensembles. The expense of them are on the rise Baseball Clubs (Buffaloes) and Taekwon-Do (Folkan), which several years without competition in Bulgaria and a number of awards in the international arena.




Blagoevgrad is a football town, a notorious school children and adolescents of Pirin, gave the Bulgarian and world football talents as Dimitar Berbatov and regularly feed the wealthy football clubs. Only the lack of serious investment club to prevent similar to public school and is among the leaders in the league.

At present there are four in Blagoevgrad acting male clubs, three of which bear the name "Pirin". The "A" group hang PFC Pirin Blagoevgrad.

Women's football is represented by the football club Sportika - a participant in the National Championship for Women.

Blagoevgrad is known for being the birthplace of Dimitar Berbatov. Known in football as the top scorer of Premier League, former player of Tottenham, Manchester United, Fulham, a current Monaco F.C. player.

PFC Pirin Blagoevgrad played in the A PFG and had players such as Berbatov, Ivaylo Andonov, Krasimir Bezinski, etc. player. The town's football traditions are very respectable, as the local.

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Come To Live In Bulgaria - The Town of Blagoevgrad!

Moving and living abroad for any reason is a big decision. Even if you're only thinking about a part-time move, the list of challenges can be long.

But Bulgaria is one politically stable European country that strikes a couple of those big challenges right off the list.

Especially for anyone from the U.S., Canada, the UK, European cityzens, it's probably one of the easiest places on earth to relocate.

And the fact that it's beautiful, sunny and affordable only sweetens the deal.



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Dimitar Berbatov


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