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Interesting facts about the Sun!

During the cold and dark winter realize how much we are missing the warm sun. Here are but - with the arrival of spring sun shines on us again and brings a good mood, health and love.
Sun is health
Significantly, older people have said: where the sun enters a doctor does not enter. Heliotherapy (literally "heliotherapy") is one of the oldest and affordable therapies.
Solar vitamin
When human skin absorb ultraviolet rays of the sun, the body formed the "miracle" vitamin D. It strengthens bones, protects against various cancers, stabilize the heart, blood pressure, immune system and activates the metabolism. Sunbathing also are useful for people suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis. If 15 minutes per day to "swim" in the sun, you will get enough vitamins from the sun. But, of course, should not be overdone, because as we know suffering skin when excessive displaying it in the sun.
To be happy
A nice sunny day gives the people a good mood when we do not do oneself. Here's proof: the light receptors of the eye retina send message to brain influx of light. This stimulates production of the hormone of happiness serotonin, which lifts the mood. Especially after a long and cold winters, the sun provides us with many happy moments.
Desire for Love
Sun comes with spring and treat widespread winter depression. It regulates the formation of the hormone melatonin, which makes us sleepy. While winter feel tired and exhausted, with the arrival of spring sun reduces the amount of melatonin in the body. This immediately affects the sexual hormones and the so-called stress hormone - cortisol. Together with serotonin, they produce in our desire for love. What about the people on the North Pole, where for months, not a sunbeam shine?
Take a breath
People take air for granted and rarely think that only the sun due to life-giving 21% oxygen in the atmosphere. Especially through the sun performs photosynthesis in plants. Within an hour a tree can reproduce 400 liters of oxygen to reach the needs of 26 people.
At sunset
There is nothing more beautiful than the fiery sunset. Sumptuous views is due back in the sunlight, which contains the full spectrum of colors. On entering the atmosphere it is refracted and lost some of their colors but not red. Thank God, because we can enjoy the wonderful sunsets.


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