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Greece - Halkidiki

Halkidiki - Its particular shape reminds of three fingers pointing the Aegean Sea or Poseidon’s trident. Those three peninsulas are called Kassandra, Sithonia and Mt. Athos.
The peninsula of Halkidiki is a real paradise, endowed by nature with enchanting coves and bays, rocky headlands, beaches with golden sand and crystalline waters; olive and pine forest complete the amazing picture of Halkidiki holiday.


Halkidiki - Kassandra

The Kassandra is ideal for all-night party and bustling beaches. Sithonia is the perfect place for nature lovers, quietness and deserted beaches. Halkidiki has interesting villages, an outstanding beauty and the best and more beautiful beaches

Greece - Sithonia, Halkidiki

The eastern most prong belongs to the monastic community of Athos, the Holy Mountain.
Visitation to it is strictly regulated: men must ask for a permit six months in advance and women are not allowed.


 Greece - Nea Peramos, Kavala

  Greece - Kavala




 Bulgaria - Blagoevgrad

Bulgaria - Blagoevgrad


Bulgaria - Borovets


 Bulgaria - Bansko night skiing

 Bulgaria - Bansko

Bulgaria - Katarino, Pirin Mountain 

The Pirin Mountains (Bulgarian: Пирин) are a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria, with Vihren (2,914 m high) the highest peak, situated at 41°45′50″N 23°25′30″E / 41.76389°N 23.425°E / 41.76389; 23.425. The range extends about 40 km northwest-southeast, and about 25 km wide. Pirin is known with its abundance of water. Many rivers take their sources from the mountains; they belong to the Strumacatchment areas. The rivers are short, turbulent and with high waters, with high inclination which forms many leaps and rapids. There is only one distinctive waterfall, the Popinolashki waterfall, which is 12 m high. The main ridge is the watershed between the two catchment areas. One of the most picturesque parts of Pirin's landscape are 176 crystal-clear mountain lakes which are called the eyes of the mountain in the Bulgarian folklore. All of them have glacial origin and are usually situated at the bottom of spectacular cirques and Mesta surrounded by rugged marble slopes and snow-capped peaks.

The town of Bansko, an important tourism and winter sports centre, is situated on the northeast slopes of the Pirin Mountains. The town of Razlog lies in Razlog Valley between Pirin Mountains to the south and the Rila Mountains to the north.

Greece - Korfu Island

Greece - Santorini



Greece - Santorini

 Greece - Santorini


Greece - Meteora 

Bulgaria - Seven Lakes Of Rila

Bulgaria - Pirin Mountain


Bulgaria - Nesebar, Black Sea

Bulgaria - Nesebar, Black Sea

Bulgaria - Nesebar, Black Sea


Greece - Meteora 


Greece - Thassos Island

GREECE - Thessalonika

Alexander The Greate monument


Greece - Thessaloniki

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Bulgaria - Plovdiv


Bulgaria - Monastery Of Rila 

 Bulgaria - Monastery Of Rila


 Bulgaria - Sandanski, SPA & Wellness Resort



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